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id desc project category reported by reported on
1088APSIM DLLs should report ASPIM version numberModule CodeBugGuest: Eric Zurcher2009-12-15 11:31 AM
1354update Maizez.xmlModule CodeMinorGuest: jb2011-08-11 1:57 AM
1516Deletion of factors causes loss of simulation configuration dataUser InterfaceBugGuest: Maryse Bourgault2012-05-03 9:54 AM
1564Tidying up SoilNitrogen - modifying how some variables are handled (substitute get by input)Module CodeMinorGuest: Rogerio Cichota2012-07-24 11:10 AM
1602photosynthetic_pathway not modifying RUE in MaizeModule CodeBugGuest: John Hargreaves2012-10-22 5:14 PM
17462 Layers in a soil causes an error when manually generating a simUser InterfaceBugShaun: 2013-06-24 11:00 AM
1721Remove TeeChart from licenses.licx - not neededUser InterfaceMinorDean: 2013-05-27 3:33 PM
1728Factorial bug: Cannot drop an InitWater onto a FactorUser InterfaceBugDean: 2013-05-31 9:32 AM
1729Factorial bug: Doesn't treat Manager2 component like the old Manager component.User InterfaceBugDean: 2013-05-31 9:36 AM
1730When installing APSIM 7.5 onto a newer computer, it complains that the VC++ runtime is newerInfrastructureBugDean: 2013-05-31 9:43 AM
1731Fixes for Apsoil: Make PAWC column header in red. Fix check soils button.User InterfaceBugDean: 2013-05-31 11:26 AM
1723Bugs in InitWater page in GUIUser InterfaceBugDean: 2013-05-28 4:10 PM
1725GUI really slow to delete a node from a large .apsim file.User InterfaceBugDean: 2013-05-28 4:23 PM
1663Cleanup minor bits for the APSIM 7.5 releaseModule CodeMinorDean: 2013-03-04 4:35 PM
1480New wheat / barley varietiesModule CodeMinorDean: 2012-02-06 4:00 PM
1704Irrigation .net rules dont seem to work.Module CodeBugDean: 2013-04-27 9:26 PM
1705Bad wording in Irrigate on Event ruleUser InterfaceBugDean: 2013-04-27 9:28 PM
1716Add a new soybean cultivar: LeichardtModule CodeMinorDean: 2013-05-17 10:24 AM
1769Add surfacetemp missing files into releaseModule CodeBugDean: 2013-08-06 2:31 PM
1800New maize cultivars from PerryModule CodeMinorDean: 2013-11-15 1:48 PM
1809Barley root depth rate going beyond anthesisModule CodeBugDean: 2013-11-22 9:32 AM
1818Added new APSIM developers to mailing listModule CodeMinorDean: 2014-01-14 9:05 AM
1823Script Reference component doesn't allow user to type path to their dllUser InterfaceBugDean: 2014-01-28 8:25 AM
1832Soil temp model missing from standard toolbox in APSIM 7.5.Module CodeBugDean: 2014-03-03 2:33 PM
1839Release notes for apsim 7.6Module CodeMinorDean: 2014-03-13 12:37 PM
1845Box plot series are being made inactiveUser InterfaceBugDean: 2014-03-20 9:47 AM
1702Egrandis outputs do not appear in the GUI variables listModule CodeBugNeil: Neil Huth2013-04-27 4:48 AM
1696Sugar Example in New Simulations has no Surface Organic Matter model in itModule CodeBugNeil: Neil Huth2013-04-19 11:42 AM
1408Convert Egrandis model to Plant2 code baseModule CodeMinorNeil: Neil Huth2011-11-10 2:44 PM
1759Add seepage bottom boundary condition to swim3Module CodeBugNeil: 2013-07-10 1:26 PM
1763rainfall total in met UI Rainfall chart is incorrectModule CodeBugNeil: Neville2013-07-15 4:22 PM
1761Web site missing hardware and software requirementsDocumentationMinorJohn: 2013-07-12 10:14 AM
1762Version of APSIM not identified in .apsim fileUser InterfaceBugJohn: 2013-07-12 9:42 PM
1754PAWC in Water component missing totalUser InterfaceBugJohn: 2013-07-05 9:05 PM
1755PAWC in Water component not shown as calculated valueUser InterfaceBugJohn: 2013-07-05 9:06 PM
1756Error when user doesn't have write permission to installation directoryUser InterfaceBugJohn: 2013-07-05 9:11 PM
1757Unable to use edited Soil.xmlUser InterfaceBugJohn: 2013-07-05 9:15 PM
1758Crop components missing under water component in soil.User InterfaceBugJohn: 2013-07-05 9:19 PM
1739Initial N component issuesUser InterfaceBugJohn: John2013-06-17 11:04 PM
1740Initial P component unitsUser InterfaceBugJohn: John2013-06-17 11:06 PM
1741Reset P missingUser InterfaceBugJohn: John2013-06-17 11:09 PM
1742C:P ratio missing in SurfaceOM P examplesUser InterfaceBugJohn: John2013-06-17 11:13 PM
1743Crash if simulation name changed in factorialUser InterfaceBugJohn: John2013-06-17 11:15 PM
1744Unhandled exception - initial N nodeUser InterfaceBugJohn: John2013-06-17 11:17 PM
1842Default initial soil N needs revisionModule CodeBugJohn: 2014-03-14 11:40 AM
1837Lincoln latitude incorrect units in met fileModule CodeBugJohn: For Myles Fisher2014-03-08 11:35 AM
1807Sysbal output variablesUser InterfaceBugJohn: 2013-11-19 5:11 PM
1790BugTracker.NET logoff gives errorWeb siteBugJohn: 2013-10-14 1:57 PM
1792Broken link to Building ApsimWeb siteBugJohn: 2013-10-14 4:31 PM
1776Querying isnt returning module ownerModule CodeBugPeter: 2013-08-29 5:44 PM
1735Graphs in Validation data brokenModule CodeBugPeter: 2013-06-04 4:05 PM
1722remove tillage_single eventModule CodeBugPeter: 2013-05-27 4:56 PM
1718crash in graph regression line componentModule CodeBugPeter: 2013-05-21 12:27 PM
1719grasp needs optional LL Module CodeBugPeter: 2013-05-21 4:43 PM
1720Self extracting exe's incompleteModule CodeBugPeter: 2013-05-21 4:49 PM
1760Fix crashes of Apsim.exe under linuxInfrastructureBugPeter: 2013-07-11 2:40 PM
1753maizez cover_tot always 0Module CodeBugPeter: 2013-07-05 11:25 AM
1690Maize needs to pay attention to remove parameter of harvest eventsModule CodeBugPeter: 2013-04-04 3:27 PM
1494R ComponentModule CodeMajor (requires RP approval)Peter: 2012-02-21 6:10 PM
1701metfile "object not set to instance..." User InterfaceBugPeter: 2013-04-22 5:28 PM
1714Extraneous (sp?) crops in the "Water" node?User InterfaceBugVal: 2013-05-08 2:10 PM
1712No SWIM3.dll in r3008 (release of 7.5)InfrastructureBugVal: 2013-05-08 11:30 AM
1694APSIM unable to run from some file locations?InfrastructureBugVal: 2013-04-18 6:24 AM
1438Add nitrification inhibitor and tracer into SwimSoluteParametersUser InterfaceMinorVal: 2011-12-07 7:33 AM
1750GUI error in r3074User InterfaceBugVal: 2013-07-03 8:07 AM
1751Is enable/disable working as intended?User InterfaceBugVal: 2013-07-04 8:29 AM
1752Mixing C# and VB scriptsInfrastructureBugVal: 2013-07-05 10:07 AM
1826Manager2 to Manager 2 Comminications ExamplesModule CodeBugVal: 2014-02-02 1:30 PM
1812SWIM3 in DotNetProxiesInfrastructureBugVal: 2013-12-06 10:30 AM
1813User runs for FtRG projectModule CodeBugVal: 2013-12-15 11:10 AM
1778NullReferenceException raised in GUI if the Soil Water "Check soil" button is pressed,User InterfaceBugEric: 2013-09-17 11:20 AM
1780Conversion of APSIM files from Version 35 to Version 36 does not handle shortcuts correctlyUser InterfaceBugEric: 2013-09-24 3:18 PM
1784Build log e-mails from Bob have bad links for "Detail"InfrastructureBugEric: 2013-10-02 2:15 PM
1786When used in AusFarm, Sorghum slows runs down exponentially with timeModule CodeBugEric: 2013-10-03 2:53 PM
1772Apsim.exe not parsing "macros" correctly.InfrastructureBugEric: 2013-08-13 2:51 PM
1789Canola model may throw an exception on sowingModule CodeBugEric: 2013-10-14 10:47 AM
1840Paddocks should have an area propertyModule CodeBugEric: 2014-03-14 10:20 AM
1748tav_amp should be converted from Lahey fortran to gfortranInfrastructureMinorEric: Eric Zurcher2013-06-26 4:03 PM
1745Boost library should be updatedInfrastructureBugEric: 2013-06-18 11:56 AM
1485New cotton componentModule CodeMajor (requires RP approval)Eric: David Johnston2012-02-14 1:50 PM
1353Revise excreta return communications as per Canberra meeting 20 May 2011Module CodeMinorEric: Eric Zurcher2011-08-10 4:00 AM
1700RLink not always finding MyDocuments correctly.Module CodeBugEric: 2013-04-22 12:45 PM
1706Values in test simulation for SoilNitrogen break the GUIUser InterfaceBugEric: Eric Zurcher2013-04-29 4:46 PM
1709Implement the requestSetValue routing to support Set() calls correctlyModule CodeMinorNeville: Neville H2013-05-06 1:36 PM
1375Improve CreatePatchInfrastructureMinorNeville: Neville H2011-09-07 4:21 PM
1693Error handling has stopped working after choosing FactorialModule CodeBugNeville: Neville H2013-04-09 12:36 PM
1629Improve performance of APSIM - performance profilingModule CodeMinorNeville: Neville H2012-12-17 12:02 PM
1799Add GrazPlan Water allocation codeModule CodeMinorNeville: Neville2013-11-13 11:07 AM
1801Update CPI data typesModule CodeMinorNeville: Neville2013-11-18 11:43 AM
1825the Configuration object requires flexibility to modify the %apsim% pathModule CodeMinorNeville: Neville2014-01-30 10:53 AM
1738Fatal error with the graze event when using both new and old managersInfrastructureBugRogerio: Rogerio Cichota2013-06-17 9:55 AM
1736factorial structure gets lost Module CodeBugJeremy: jeremy2013-06-04 4:07 PM
1733hover tool for descriptions of gui manager modulesUser InterfaceMinorJeremy: 2013-05-31 1:59 PM
1734Turn factorial offModule CodeBugJeremy: jeremy2013-06-04 12:20 PM
1835allow kl to be modified during crop growth from the manager Module CodeMinorJeremy: Jeremy2014-03-07 10:03 AM
1836add multiple values in factorial Module CodeBugJeremy: Jeremy2014-03-07 11:49 AM
1788Day appears as a date in graph packageUser InterfaceBugJeremy: jeremy2013-10-10 9:48 AM
1770All properties are lost when show properties is turned off in a script.Module CodeBugJustin: 2013-08-08 10:34 AM
1793Bob performance testingInfrastructureMinorJustin: 2013-10-17 10:21 AM
1797question marks shown for xl, kl and ll_dep vars in maizeModule CodeBugJustin: 2013-10-30 12:34 PM
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