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id desc project category reported by reported on
1028Lucerne dormancy option does not work - error in lucerne.xml fileModule CodeBugGuest: Keith Pembleton2009-09-07 11:28 AM
1018Integration of a pasture module into APSIMModule CodeMajor (requires RP approval)Guest: Frank Li2009-09-02 9:21 AM
1053Maize N totals report as -0.0Module CodeBugGuest: har2972009-11-21 11:13 AM
1073Changing how soil nodes in the user interface are visualised.User InterfaceMajor (requires RP approval)Guest: Dean Holzworth2009-11-27 10:43 AM
1076Retain ledgend selections on graphsUser InterfaceMinorGuest: Hamish Brown2009-12-03 6:34 AM
1087Changing XF in soil doesn't have any effect in AusfarmPastureUser InterfaceBugGuest: Alvaro Romera2009-12-14 10:46 AM
1099Many registrations provide incorrect value for destIDModule CodeBugGuest: Eric Zurcher2010-02-03 3:41 PM
1057Unhandled Exception with Pause button on "Run Apsim" windowUser InterfaceBugGuest: John Hargreaves2009-11-24 12:59 PM
1251Make 'gsmax' updatable during simulation.Module CodeBugGuest: Frank Li2011-02-14 1:13 PM
1269Set U/Cona from manager doesn't seem to workModule CodeBugGuest: Kirsten2011-02-21 12:10 PM
1290McCallPastureModel in APSIMModule CodeMajor (requires RP approval)Guest: Hemda Levy2011-03-16 11:16 AM
1306can't get the nitrification rate as output variableModule CodeBugGuest: Iris Vogeler2011-04-08 9:45 AM
1307ApsimToSim can't handle relative paths to .apsim file being convertedInfrastructureBugGuest: Ben Jolly2011-04-08 12:44 PM
1309average soil T = -1.#IND00 if radiation = 0 using swim and soiltemp2Module CodeBugGuest: Iris Vogeler2011-05-05 9:46 AM
1314parallec run sim fileModule CodeBugGuest: gang zhao2011-05-23 5:52 PM
1336VBUI Script component fails at loading additional 'reference' DLLs if specifiedUser InterfaceMinorGuest: Ben Jolly2011-07-26 2:20 AM
1362possibility to swap the order of the 'head' and 'unit' in outputfile?User InterfaceBugGuest: Frank Li2011-08-30 11:18 AM
1383ApsimUI saves apsim.xml file in a folder different than the one it read fromInfrastructureBugGuest: Rogerio2011-09-21 9:22 AM
1385rotations don't work with agpastureModule CodeBugGuest: Shaun Verrall2011-09-23 1:41 PM
1391Upgrade AgPasture so it can base delta N uptakes on actual SW uptakeModule CodeBugGuest: Ben Jolly2011-10-03 8:25 AM
1400Make utilities in CSGeneral a bit nicer to use (implication for Manager2 usability)InfrastructureMinorGuest: Ben Jolly2011-11-01 12:06 PM
1418CO2 response in ozcot.xml is missingModule CodeBugGuest: Neil White2011-11-30 12:16 PM
1390GUI lets you have 2 simulations with the same name if you put them in separate sub foldersModule CodeBugShaun: 2011-09-28 8:45 PM
1366Simulation UI - recursively list ALL items under the simulationUser InterfaceMinorShaun: 2011-08-31 3:38 PM
1320Change scaling on a graph and it applies to every graphUser InterfaceBugShaun: 2011-06-20 2:24 AM
1291dropping an ini file on the sugar component has not effectUser InterfaceBugShaun: 2011-03-18 4:20 PM
1273fix the icon for the plant2ide shortcutModule CodeBugShaun: 2011-02-23 3:58 PM
1281Clock component - type 31/6/1988 exceptionUser InterfaceBugShaun: 2011-03-04 6:15 PM
1282Fix the New Simulations / Open pop up boxUser InterfaceBugShaun: 2011-03-05 8:57 PM
1283Folder GUI - allow people to drag and drop on /delete from the folder GUI instead of simulation treeUser InterfaceMinorShaun: 2011-03-08 3:54 PM
1284add commas to list of characters you can't use in a node nameUser InterfaceBugShaun: 2011-03-09 2:58 PM
1285The colour specifier in any of the Graph components, turns all the lines, bars etc to the same colour.User InterfaceBugShaun: 2011-03-09 3:00 PM
1105PredictedObserved Graphs - put a colour picker on itUser InterfaceMinorShaun: 2010-02-11 5:27 PM
1108XY chart behaviour for observed output filesUser InterfaceMinorShaun: 2010-02-12 11:05 AM
1181Bug Tracker - Editing the reviewer for a major taskWeb siteBugShaun: 2010-08-05 11:49 AM
1050Rename the 'Surface Organic Matter' module name to something with no spaces. Module CodeBugShaun: 2009-11-17 3:29 PM
1052create some better irrigation rules for usersModule CodeMinorShaun: 2009-11-19 12:46 PM
1473fix crop icons in Standard and Developers ToolboxUser InterfaceBugShaun: 2012-01-31 12:51 PM
1474Predicted crop LL values are wrong for Black and Gray vertosolsModule CodeBugDean: 2012-01-31 3:44 PM
1478ApsimRun writes a line to stdout "Written xyz.sim..." - it should write it to std errorInfrastructureBugDean: 2012-02-02 2:53 PM
1437Fix ApsimUI: RevertAllOptions button throws + Variables probing method doesn't like %apsim% macros.Module CodeBugDean: 2011-12-06 8:46 AM
1450Add KL Modifier for wheat, barley and oats based on CL, EC or ESP values in soil.Module CodeMinorDean: 2012-01-19 3:45 PM
1470Fix assorted minor bugs for APSIM 7.4 release (general catch all).Module CodeBugDean: 2012-01-23 11:10 AM
1471Several components weren't registering their variablesInfrastructureBugDean: 2012-01-23 2:17 PM
1054Create better export GIF names when exporting from ApsimUIUser InterfaceMinorDean: 2009-11-23 12:33 PM
1034no3_leach doesn't appear in the GUI list of output variables.InfrastructureBugDean: 2009-09-21 9:27 AM
1133Changed linking in the GUI to relative addressing.User InterfaceBugDean: 2010-04-20 4:10 PM
1287When dragging a soil to a simulation, the initial nitrogen child component is not right.User InterfaceBugDean: 2011-03-10 9:00 AM
1288Bringing in some APSIM 7.2 simulations into APSIM 7.3 can get the depths wrong in the soil nodes.User InterfaceBugDean: 2011-03-10 9:26 AM
1300I've had to remove logging from the APSFarm simulations to get them to run in Visual Studio 2010Module CodeBugDean: 2011-03-29 2:43 PM
1322Factorials in GUI not quite right.User InterfaceBugDean: 2011-06-23 11:52 PM
1332Make all examples under the New button a toolbox in Apsim UIUser InterfaceBugDean: 2011-07-25 5:52 AM
1334DotNetProxies: Stop it changing the order of classes + make case of all classes consistent.Module CodeBugDean: 2011-07-25 6:04 AM
1368Updated look and feel of APSIM via new icons and images.User InterfaceMinorDean: 2011-09-01 10:31 AM
1364Several fixes for APSoil and YieldProphet soil data interpolationModule CodeBugDean: 2011-08-31 2:44 PM
1346Change TavAmp to allow it to accept years well into the future.InfrastructureBugDean: 2011-08-03 11:17 PM
1305Must have a path in front of the .apsim file when trying to run ApsimRun.exeInfrastructureBugDean: 2011-04-06 12:35 PM
1361Add in South Asia APSIM examples, toolbox and cultivars for wheat and oryzaInfrastructureMinorDean: for Perry Poulton2011-08-29 3:36 PM
1395Move the .NET modules to new APSIM Model Development protocol.Module CodeMinorDean: 2011-10-17 11:10 AM
1420Move validation data from %apsim%\tests\validation to %apsim%\validationInfrastructureMinorDean: 2011-11-17 12:53 PM
1347Problem with N stress during grain filling in wheatModule CodeMinorNeil: Neil Huth2011-08-04 12:43 AM
1246Release of APSIM SWIM3 modelModule CodeMajor (requires RP approval)Neil: Neil Huth2011-02-09 2:32 PM
1059Toolbox Doco is not up-to-dateUser InterfaceBugNeil: Justin Fainges2009-11-25 2:03 PM
1255Bhola example met file needs checkingModule CodeBugNeil: Neil Huth2011-02-15 10:52 AM
1257Save dialog box file locationModule CodeBugNeil: Neil Huth2011-02-15 12:02 PM
1258Cluster buttonModule CodeBugNeil: Neil Huth2011-02-15 12:04 PM
1261sugar sample uses a bangladesh met fileModule CodeBugNeil: Justin Fainges2011-02-15 1:00 PM
1102Choice of colours for series for graphs in GUIUser InterfaceBugNeil: Neil Huth2010-02-11 10:36 AM
1427Improvement of SWIM efficiencyModule CodeMinorNeil: Neil Huth2011-11-25 7:27 AM
1428Wheat Rooting Depth ChangeModule CodeBugNeil: Neil Huth2011-11-25 10:21 AM
1431Add basic functionality into Plant model to allows comms with prototype Soil K modelModule CodeMinorNeil: 2011-11-28 2:49 PM
1475SWIM3 is missing stability fixes put into SWIM2Module CodeBugNeil: Neil Huth2012-02-01 2:20 PM
1476Millet ini files in UI don't work correctlyUser InterfaceBugJohn: John Hargreaves2012-02-01 3:43 PM
1229Day of year for Autumnal Equinox in daylength functions incorrectModule CodeBugJohn: Justin Fainges2011-01-13 2:29 PM
1201External variables in Manager appear owned by the managerModule CodeBugJohn: John Hargreaves2010-10-21 6:30 PM
1276Canopy terminates at initialisation when more than 6 crops nominatedModule CodeBugJohn: John Hargreaves2011-02-25 4:22 PM
1289Incorrect width and height saved for UI positionUser InterfaceBugJohn: John Hargreaves2011-03-11 10:49 PM
1297Sorghum response to P defiencyModule CodeBugPeter: Neil Huth2011-03-28 4:04 PM
1298Graph / filterModule CodeBugPeter: 2011-03-28 4:07 PM
1299French locale causes crashModule CodeBugPeter: 2011-03-28 4:09 PM
1312Grazing wheat brokenModule CodeBugPeter: 2011-05-12 12:31 PM
1043manager - undefined variables not always warnedModule CodeBugPeter: 2009-10-29 11:27 AM
1045Summary stresses wrong (plant)Module CodeBugPeter: Neil Huth2009-11-11 10:01 AM
1265SOI graph doesn't stick to monthModule CodeBugPeter: 2011-02-21 9:28 AM
1266Unhandled exception in standard toolboxModule CodeBugPeter: 2011-02-21 9:30 AM
1267SoilUI forgetting edits to dlayerModule CodeBugPeter: 2011-02-21 10:16 AM
1124can't run stock with multiple pasture sourcesUser InterfaceBugPeter: 2010-03-30 11:38 AM
1356Edits to crop portions of water UI are discardedUser InterfaceBugPeter: 2011-08-12 3:53 AM
1365ConToApsim has missing bitsModule CodeBugPeter: 2011-08-31 3:36 PM
1367Add pigeonpea validation runsModule CodeMinorPeter: 2011-09-01 10:08 AM
1344N uptake switch needed for growthModule CodeBugPeter: 2011-08-03 6:29 AM
1345Add resets to oryzaModule CodeBugPeter: 2011-08-03 6:38 AM
1425Fortran CI2 ReadXXXX prototypes are incorrectModule CodeBugPeter: 2011-11-24 11:09 AM
1405Grazed plant (lablab) sometimes goes negativeModule CodeBugPeter: 2011-11-04 12:33 PM
1407Sweet Sorghum crashes when grazedModule CodeBugPeter: 2011-11-08 5:00 PM
1373Fix simple grazing model crash under extreme conditionsModule CodeBugPeter: 2011-09-07 11:23 AM
1374Build scripts are in a messModule CodeBugPeter: 2011-09-07 12:53 PM
1477behaviour of default CO2 responseModule CodeBugPeter: 2012-02-02 10:57 AM
1469Extra 'row' in layout of Graph ReportUser InterfaceBugVal: 2012-01-23 7:55 AM
1376Error in reported varaible in AgPastureModule CodeBugVal: 2011-09-09 9:06 AM
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