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clicking while holding Ctrl key toggles "NOT" in a filter: "NOT project 1"
id desc project category reported by reported on
1013array syntax broken (tcl?)Module CodeBugPeter: Peter deVoil2009-08-27 9:15 AM
1048Put back tillage_single into the SurfaceOM module for incorporating manuresModule CodeMinorDean: Don Gaydon2009-11-16 4:28 PM
1110feature to turn duplicate simulations into linked simulationsUser InterfaceMinorShaun: 2010-02-12 3:23 PM
1111Adding a new Title= at top of variables list does not workUser InterfaceBugShaun: 2010-02-12 4:58 PM
1112MetUI maximum radiation is for sthn hemisphere only.User InterfaceBugDean: 2010-02-15 12:39 PM
1114Allow retardation factor for nitrate leaching to be specified for each soil layer to account for positive chargeModule CodeMinorGuest: Mike Wong2010-02-18 1:26 PM
1115Several errors and GUI crashes in 1st training exerciseUser InterfaceBugGuest: Al Doherty2010-03-03 10:42 AM
1116Descriptions column in the output variable list for the Soil module does not workUser InterfaceBugShaun: 2010-03-10 5:42 PM
1118when you contract the simulation tree should show simulation in gui part of the windowUser InterfaceBugShaun: 2010-03-12 2:44 PM
1135Opening a different simulation doesn't reset the progress barUser InterfaceMinorGuest: Jason Brider2010-04-30 12:25 PM
1144esw_layr() inconsistenciesModule CodeBugGuest: Richard Routley2010-05-21 1:09 PM
1164Example Files - WaterSupply.apsimModule CodeBugJason: 2010-06-23 3:18 PM
1166Include N2O emission predictions into APSIM-SoilNModule CodeMajor (requires RP approval)Guest: Val Snow2010-06-28 3:43 PM
1171Right-click problem when overlapping with toolboxes User InterfaceBugVal: 2010-07-07 8:45 AM
1173Manager test on stagename is quirkyModule CodeBugGuest: John Hargreaves2010-07-16 9:11 AM
1191accum does not seem to recognise .Net variables and reports some variables twice per dayModule CodeBugVal: Val Snow2010-09-20 9:58 AM
1192Ceating a report event from Manager2InfrastructureBugVal: Val Snow2010-09-20 10:05 AM
1196SurfaceOM nh4ppm parameter upper bound needs increasingModule CodeBugScott: Scott Rains2010-10-04 1:36 PM
1197APsoil is missing import from spread sheet optionAPSoilBugHamish: 2010-10-13 8:16 AM
1200Reporting LeafDMAllocation from Plant2 crashes APSIM.exeModule CodeBugJohn: John Hargreaves2010-10-21 10:12 AM
1202Add N fixation, SWIM communication protocols and DM retranslocation functionality to the growth module.Module CodeMajor (requires RP approval)Peter: Peter de Voil2010-10-26 3:31 PM
1203Add a button in GUI to allow APSIM Initiative users to run an APSIM job on the cluster.User InterfaceMinorDean: 2010-10-27 12:48 PM
1204Grid control problem in 7.2User InterfaceBugShaun: 2010-11-01 1:00 PM
1217Regional settings affect dates in depth plotsUser InterfaceBugPeter: 2010-11-12 3:49 PM
1219xy chart error saying string was not recognized valid date timeUser InterfaceBugGuest: Prasad Kaledhonkar2010-11-22 1:11 AM
1220create a depth plot animation graph componentUser InterfaceMinorShaun: 2010-12-01 10:36 AM
1226Plant2 models not responding to end_crop actionModule CodeBugHamish: Hamish2010-12-07 12:53 PM
1228Changing metadata in Plant2 IDE corrupts .xml fileModule CodeBugHamish: 2010-12-10 9:32 PM
1230Under the standard toolbox looks like "Blank soil" doesn't have the right nodes under it.User InterfaceBugDean: 2011-01-18 4:10 PM
1231Additional outputs for Clock InfrastructureMinorVal: 2011-01-20 7:34 AM
1232bug in the implementation of the summer/winter cona/uModule CodeBugPeter: 2011-01-24 8:44 AM
1237Make all user interface plugin's visible in the GUI so that advanced users can add/remove them easily.User InterfaceMinorDean: 2011-02-02 12:06 PM
1238Change APSIM installation to allow multiple APSIM builds to be installed concurrently.InfrastructureMinorDean: 2011-02-02 3:58 PM
1239%dllext% Breaks ProbeDLLInfrastructureBugGuest: Ben Jolly2011-02-03 5:39 AM
1240Create a right click option in GUI for creating duplicate paddocks or simulations with or without using linking.User InterfaceMinorDean: 2011-02-03 11:48 AM
1242Bug in Sorghum model with transp_eff having random values at initiatisationModule CodeBugDean: 2011-02-04 2:16 PM
1245error deleting multiple selected nodesUser InterfaceBugJason: 2011-02-08 12:00 PM
1250"Make the datatree shift and control clicking more like Windows Explorer"User InterfaceMinorShaun: 2011-02-11 3:48 PM
1253Phantom Parameter CnCanopyFact in soil uiModule CodeMinorNeil: Neil Huth2011-02-15 10:38 AM
1254Should provide some user feedback when "Create .sim" is invoked.User InterfaceBugEric: Eric Zurcher2011-02-15 10:43 AM
1256Unhandled exception in operations schedule componentModule CodeBugJustin: Justin Fainges2011-02-15 12:00 PM
1259Checkpoint reverts to last load, not last checkpointModule CodeBugJustin: Justin Fainges2011-02-15 12:18 PM
1260EnhancedGrid - Edit ModeUser InterfaceBugJason: 2011-02-15 12:38 PM
1264InitWater throws exception when you set water relative to crop lower limitModule CodeBugGuest: John Dimes2011-02-16 12:38 PM
1265SOI graph doesn't stick to monthModule CodeBugPeter: 2011-02-21 9:28 AM
1266Unhandled exception in standard toolboxModule CodeBugPeter: 2011-02-21 9:30 AM
1267SoilUI forgetting edits to dlayerModule CodeBugPeter: 2011-02-21 10:16 AM
1268Graph reports not workingUser InterfaceBugVal: 2011-02-21 11:56 AM
1269Set U/Cona from manager doesn't seem to workModule CodeBugGuest: Kirsten2011-02-21 12:10 PM
1273fix the icon for the plant2ide shortcutModule CodeBugShaun: 2011-02-23 3:58 PM

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