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id desc project category reported by reported on
1182Change C++ compiler from Borland CBuilder to Visual Studio C++ compilerInfrastructureMinorDean: 2010-08-05 12:11 PM
1180Saving changes error in Clock (and other components)User InterfaceBugVal: 2010-08-04 3:45 PM
1172InitWater in User Interface can do wrong thing.User InterfaceBugDean: 2010-07-14 10:38 AM
1170soil.xml and GUIUser InterfaceBugGuest: Joanna Sharp2010-07-07 6:55 AM
1168Need an option in the GUI to export SDMLUser InterfaceMinorEric: Eric Zurcher2010-07-02 3:30 PM
1167Enable use of memos for docummentation in plant2IDEUser InterfaceMinorHamish: 2010-06-28 7:36 PM
1163Not possible to delete field in Manager Properties edit modeUser InterfaceBugVal: 2010-06-22 12:49 PM
1162Request to add the APSIM revision number as additional information in the Summary fileUser Interface Val: 2010-06-22 12:22 PM
1161uninstall does not remove apsim.xml from 'Document and Settings'Module CodeBugShaun: 2010-06-22 11:14 AM
1160Include amount of nitrogen on initial N node when soil is droped into GUIUser InterfaceMinorHamish: Hamish2010-06-21 10:31 AM
1158APSOIL not importing from spread sheetAPSoilBugHamish: Hamish2010-06-16 11:04 PM
1156Manager component (old and .NET) sorting and reaizingUser InterfaceBugVal: 2010-06-16 2:39 PM
1155Bug in new soil component - initialisation of water and N (possibly related to Hamish's???) User InterfaceBugVal: 2010-06-16 2:09 PM
1154ShellExtensions.dll installation errorModule CodeBugJason: 2010-06-16 11:09 AM
1153Soil water initialisation, APSIM not doing what it is toldModule CodeBugHamish: Hamish2010-06-13 11:14 AM
1152Tracker misbehaving in multi-paddock systemModule CodeBugGuest: Andrew Moore2010-06-11 12:09 PM
1148Micromet events incorrectly registered with "null" DDML type.Module CodeBugEric: Eric Zurcher2010-06-08 2:02 PM
1145Blank lines in Manager PropertiesUser InterfaceBugVal: 2010-05-25 11:11 AM
1143Bug in Operations when two components in same simulationUser InterfaceBugVal: Val2010-05-21 8:25 AM
1142"none" start tag error - problem with text conversion of <>Module CodeBugJason: 2010-05-20 11:29 AM
1141Windows 7 and Excel button not working.User InterfaceBugDean: 2010-05-18 12:11 PM
1140Fertiliser apply message can go to IrrigateModule CodeBugDean: 2010-05-14 3:22 PM
1139Incorporate FOM rule will only recognise default FOM typeModule CodeBugGuest: Joanna Sharp2010-05-13 1:55 PM
1138Remove action is not workingModule CodeBugGuest: Edmar Teixeira2010-05-13 1:48 PM
1136Bug in fertilier application reportingInfrastructureBugGuest: Scott Rains2010-05-04 10:03 AM
1134missing variables from soil UIAPSoilMinorPeter: 2010-04-27 1:29 PM
1129Graphs in GUI can have checkpoint lines on them when they shouldn'tUser InterfaceBugDean: 2010-04-13 10:27 AM
1128The GraphReport component in the Gui doesn't work the RegressionGraph components.User InterfaceBugDean: 2010-04-13 9:29 AM
1122Naming of nodes in UI can go wrongUser InterfaceMinorPeter: 2010-03-29 2:22 PM
1121For large .apsim files with lots of simulations - very slow to run.User InterfaceMinorDean: 2010-03-19 9:07 AM
1120ApsimInputFile can't handle * or ? in CSV files + double quote chars around titles in space delim files.User InterfaceBugDean: 2010-03-18 1:02 PM
1119rename node in a linked simulation the tooltip when you hover over is not renamed as wellUser InterfaceBugShaun: 2010-03-13 12:38 PM
1117clock gui problem - enter impossible date eg 31 April it crashes with .net errorUser InterfaceBugShaun: 2010-03-12 2:19 PM
1113Don't let users rename nodes with characters like "/" ">" "@" "#"User InterfaceBugShaun: 2010-02-16 5:29 PM
1107Operations manager - change tabs from bottom to the topUser InterfaceMinorShaun: 2010-02-11 6:04 PM
1106allow alphabetic sort of columns in a line nodeUser InterfaceMinorShaun: 2010-02-11 5:34 PM
1104turn off the autoscrolling in the simulation treeUser InterfaceMinorShaun: 2010-02-11 12:58 PM
1101'BiomassRemoved' not registered properly for SurfaceOMModule CodeBugGuest: Eric Zurcher2010-02-04 1:50 PM
1100When handling returnValue, DDML string can become invalidModule CodeBugGuest: Eric Zurcher2010-02-03 3:55 PM
1097<executable> element for accum.dll not provided when SDML is generatedModule CodeBugGuest: Eric Zurcher2010-02-03 2:46 PM
1095Executable element does not conform to SDMLInfrastructureBugGuest: N. Herrmann2010-01-20 4:07 PM
1094Error in SoilP.xmlModule CodeBugGuest: Peter deVoil2010-01-14 11:04 PM
1093Crash when selecting crops in generic UIUser InterfaceBugPeter: 2010-01-13 10:48 AM
1091Units not specified properly in NewMet DDMLModule CodeBugGuest: Eric Zurcher2009-12-23 9:31 AM
1090ApsimRegistry::find not working correctly - case sensitivity issueModule CodeBugGuest: Eric Zurcher2009-12-23 9:19 AM
1089String replace functions fail when the replacment string contains the target substring.Module CodeBugGuest: Eric Zurcher2009-12-18 4:11 PM
1086Avoid use of process-wide singleton registry - works poorly in AusFarmModule CodeBugGuest: Eric Zurcher2009-12-11 2:37 PM
1085"Variant" types DDML type descriptions to not correctly specify the associated dataModule CodeBugGuest: Eric Zurcher2009-12-11 1:08 PM
1084Use of temporary file when writing XML can be avoidedModule CodeBugGuest: Eric Zurcher2009-12-11 12:14 PM
1083Memory leak in getDesciptionInternalModule CodeBugGuest: Eric Zurcher2009-12-11 12:01 PM
1082Memory leak from failure to always delete typeConverter objectsModule CodeBugGuest: Eric Zurcher2009-12-11 11:53 AM
1081Copy of SDML needs to be retained when handling Init1 messagesModule CodeBugGuest: Eric Zurcher2009-12-11 11:40 AM
1080small memory leak in Component::removeGettableVarModule CodeBugGuest: Eric Zurcher2009-12-11 9:58 AM
1079replySetValueSuccess message does not comply with CMP specification; breaks use in AusFarmModule CodeBugGuest: Eric Zurcher2009-12-11 9:42 AM
1078Inappropriate use of map iterator in ComponentInterface/Component.cppModule CodeBugGuest: Eric Zurcher2009-12-10 4:27 PM
1077Memory leak in ComponentInterface2/CMPComponentInterface.cppModule CodeBugGuest: Eric Zurcher2009-12-10 4:17 PM
1058Date format in outputfileModule CodeBugGuest: John Hargreaves2009-11-24 10:35 PM
1051output list for fababean not showing upUser InterfaceBugGuest: Micheal Braunack2009-11-18 10:01 AM
1047Long term lucerne run fails.Module CodeBugDean: 2009-11-13 11:39 AM
1044Cotton height is sillyModule CodeBugPeter: 2009-11-09 5:13 PM
1041dates MinorPeter: 2009-10-23 4:10 PM
974Vista issues with Apsim.xml BugPeter: 2009-07-24 3:00 PM
937Plant model phenology rewind issueModule CodeMinorNeil: 2009-03-12 11:12 AM
386"Can you make it possible to enter gravimetric soil water numbers in InitWater"User InterfaceBugSystem: 2007-12-05 6:34 AM
317"Add ability to calculation stats between 2 dates."Module CodeBugSystem: 2007-02-08 12:46 AM

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